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Chapter Projects

Mural at The Pine Island Audubon Sanctuary

300 Audubon Dr, Corolla, NC 27927

Created October, 2023

Tucked away on a small  road, the Donal C. O'Brien, Jr. Sanctuary in Corolla is one of the last pieces of untouched property on the northeastern portion of the Outer Banks, preserving 2,600 acres of marsh, upland maritime forest and sandy beaches, as well as the historical beauty of the Outer Banks. The Sanctuary remains  largely free from development, so birds and wildlife can continue to have a safe place to thrive free from human disturbance. A 60 acres education campus, surrounding a historic 1913 hunt club hosts researchers, adult education participants, and conservation leaders striving to ensure a brighter future for birds and other wildlife. The public also enjoys the property through Kayak tours, public programs and a 2.5 mile nature trail.

The Carolinas Chapter of The Guild of Natural Science Illustrators was invited to paint two walls of a boat house in the fall of 2023. Below is a short video highlighting some of our experience.

Additional information about the sanctuary can be found on their website at

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