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Anyone, regardless of experience in illustration or the arts, is welcome to become a member of GNSI-C.


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The GNSI is a non-profit organization, founded at the Smithsonian Institution in 1968. It is dedicated to providing information and encouraging high standards of competence in the field of natural science illustration. The Guild provides opportunities for professional and scholarly development for its members, and seeks to promote a better understanding of the profession among the general public and potential clients.

Being a member of GNSI-Carolinas (GNSI-C) means being part of a supportive, creative, and inspiring group of people who value and love nature and art. Our members create art and illustrations using a wide variety of media, including watercolor, ink, graphite, acrylic and digital media.

GNSI-Carolinas (GNSI-C) was founded in 1992, and currently has over 30 active members. Our membership includes those interested in art and the natural sciences, amateur artists, and working professional artists/illustrators. 


Key goals of the chapter include making connections in the local community and producing annual group exhibits to help promote public awareness and understanding of scientific art and illustration.


Our quarterly meetings are currently held at the North Carolina Botanical Garden in Chapel Hill. At meetings, and informally online, members freely exchange information about a wide variety of art/illustration topics and tips. GNSI-C members, both longstanding and new, enjoy growing their skill levels and sharing enthusiasm for art, science, and the natural world.

Falling Gourds.jpeg

Artwork by Miriam Sagasti

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