Anne Marshall Runyon

I am a freelance artist and author with a love of the natural world. I earned my BA in studio art from Carleton College, and MA from the University of Minnesota studying design and children’s literature in the Kerlan Collection. My husband and I live in North Carolina, where our son was born and grew up. We enjoy our dog, cat and the wild animals living all around us. 

I work on paper with ink, watercolor, and colored pencil, creating illustrations for environmental publications and exhibits in North Carolina. I write and illustrate children’s books, create woodcut prints, and design paper craft activities.

Here is a synopsis of my non-fiction children’s book, Longneedle.


In the spring of 1696, a winged pine seed helicopters to the forest floor…” Longneedle, a longleaf pine, sprouts in an ancient longleaf pine forest in the North Carolina coastal plain as American colonies form. Illustrations peek into the hidden life of this forest community. Plants, animals and fungi thrive in sandy soils visited by frequent fires and hurricanes. Longneedle lives through 300 years of North Carolina history from 1696 to 1996, when hurricane Fran blows her down. . . but her descendants live on! The last chapter highlights conservation efforts for longleaf pine forests.