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Anne Marshall Runyon

I am a freelance artist and author with a love of the natural world. I earned my BA in studio art from Carleton College, and MA from the University of Minnesota studying design and children’s literature in the Kerlan Collection. My husband and I live in North Carolina, where our son was born and grew up. We enjoy our dog, cat and the wild animals living all around us. 

I work on paper with ink, watercolor, and colored pencil, creating illustrations for environmental publications and exhibits in North Carolina. I write and illustrate children’s books, create woodcut prints, and design paper craft activities.

My non-fiction children’s book, Longneedle was awarded the 2021 Riverby Award by the John Burroughs Association. The Riverby Award recognizes exceptional non-fiction natural history books for young readers. The books selected present perceptive and artistic accounts of direct experiences in nature and invite young readers to explore the natural world for themselves. They demonstrate respect for nature and present scientifically accurate information with engaging prose and illustrations.

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