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Katie Irene March

Creating artwork has been a constant in Katie's world since her youth, and continues to feel a pull to her craft today. Painting, Drawing and Sculpting are necessary mediums to the artist, and feels artistry is a true calling as well as a contribution she has to offer the world around her. Inspiration springs from the natural world and the animal kingdom in which we share this home with. Katie's mission is to provide a reminder through her artwork, that  we should honor our neighboring species on this earth, and do everything we can to reverse the damage we've inflicted.  

Colors are pushed and pulled for backgrounds to hold a cozy subject matter. Other times, background is ignored all together, leaving a strong focus on the being itself. Currently plants and wildlife are the subject of Katie's paintings. The artist desperately desires society to be aware of what beautiful creatures, Fauna, Flora, or Fungi, are threatened.

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